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Telephony on campus

NEC supplies all telephony provisions across all campuses. Their digital (IP) handsets are easy-to-use and reliable, and are capable of performing a variety of functions including voicemail, call forward, speed-dial, hands-free, and teleconferencing.

A major advantage of these types of telephones is only 1 data point needs to be activated. Through the 1 data point, users can utilise a NEC telephone and computer network connection at the same time. This is achieved by running a network cable from the wall to a telephone and then from the telephone to the computer/docking station.

The available handset options, including accessories, can be found in the Equipment & Directory section.

For all available features please see the NEC Telephone Features section.

If you are wanting to conduct a teleconference through an NEC telephone (max. 3 participants) please see the Tele/Video Conferencing section for details.