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Available Hardware Offers for current UniSA Students


The University DOES NOT make ANY recommendations as to make or model of equipment purchased privately by individuals. 

You should seek independent professional advice to determine the correct goods to purchase for your particular circumstances.

The details of each purchasing program, offering, level of discount, accuracy of information, etc in this section is managed by each individual supplier. UniSA provides this page for information purposes only.

University of South Australia students are able to privately purchase computer hardware from a number of suppliers at discounted prices.

The level of discount and the range of equipment available varies between suppliers.

Apple offer a wide range of education pricing and student discounts. 

For further information see Apple page.

As a student at the University of South Australia based in Australia, you can access to a wide range of discounts from Dell.
The discount DOES NOT stack with other discounts or coupons.

To see these offers, please visit the following page: Student Discount Purchase Program