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Computers on Wheels (COWs) at UniSA

A COW is a Computer On Wheels. There are a number of COWs available on each campus for the use of staff and students.

There's a few different breeds of COW. Each COW is connected to the UniSA network and most offer computing and Video Conferencing facilities with a large monitor and mobile computer system.

Some COWs can be moved within buildings while some are dedicated to a particular room.

COWs also allow you to connect your own device through HDMI and USB cables.

Software-based video conferencing:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Others (anything you could normally do through a computer/desktop with a webcam)


  • Flexibility and mobility, allows you to change the layout of a room easily
  • Large display (55-65") for easy viewing by multiple people

COWs are purchased and owned by UniSA units. Booking of COWs differs depending on the unit and use of the COW. Some COWs are tied to a particular room, while others are more ‘free-range’.

COWs are generally booked with the room they belong to, through the standard room booking process (i.e. FM Assist, Outlook or local admin).

If you're looking to find a COW to use, check with your local admin team to see if there's something available.

COWs are built and maintained by ISTS. If you're looking to purchase a COW, contact the IT Help Desk and let them know your requirements. The ISTS Teaching Technologies team will then contact you to make sure a COW is the right solution, and assist with the procurement/build process.