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Portable AV Equipment

Information Strategy and Technology Services (ISTS) provides portable Audio Visual (AV) equipment at all 4 metropolitan campuses. This equipment is available for use in venues which are not equipped with AV equipment.

Each campus has the following equipment:

  • Portable Data Projector and Laptop
  • Portable Public Address (PA) System

Portable Public Address (PA) systems are provided to allow voice support in venues which are not equipped with speakers and microphones, such as halls and outdoor areas.

The unit includes a built-in battery, wireless hand-held microphone, wireless lapel microphone, and is capable of playing back CDs, MP3 files loaded on a flash drive, or audio via an aux cable.

  • Contact FM Assist to book a portable PA system

A data projector and laptop are provided for use in spaces without AV capabilities, where projection of a computer is needed. Loan of the equipment does not include a projection screen, which must be organised separately with FM Assist.

The laptop is configured with a local user account and has been loaded with Windows 10/11 and Microsoft Office. Wireless access requires a valid user account (UniSA or eduroam) or a Temporary Network Account.