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Mailbox Tips

For some aspects within a mailbox there are several different ways to achieve the same outcome. All of the Mailbox Tips are based on Outlook 365 and the IT Help Desk's recommended method(s). You are more than welcome to complete the desired task which ever way you feel most comfortable with or is available to you. These tips have been chosen by the IT Help Desk for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Time efficiency
  • Ease of knowledge retention
  • Following UniSA Policy
  • Microsoft have removed options previously available in older versions

To change your email address you must first contact Human Resources (HR) to have your staff record details changed/updated.  Once this has been updated and you can see the change on the Personal tab of My Details in the Staff portal, email the IT Help Desk and request to have your email address changed stating that your HR record has already been updated.

NOTE:  When your new email address is created a secondary email record is setup using your old name so that your emails won't be lost.

The below can be used on any Outlook client or for Blue Plated Windows devices see Mimecast Outlook Plugin.

Not a spam email   

  1. Go to your Junk Email folder
  2. Find the desired email
  3. Right mouse click on the email
  4. Hover over Junk
  5. Click Not Junk
  6. In the Mark as Not Junk pop-up message, ensure Always trust email from "<>" is ticked
  7. Click Ok    

Spam email

  1. Go to your Inbox folder
  2. Find the desired email
  3. Right mouse click on the email
  4. Hover over Junk
  5. Click Block Sender
  6. Click OK on the pop-up message.
    NOTE: Even though the message says that you have to enable Cached Exchange Mode the selected message will still be classified as spam in the future.

Or for step by step instructions (including screenshots) see manage Junk emails page.

  1. Right mouse click on your Junk Email folder
  2. Click Empty Folder
  3. Select Yes on pop-up

In order to request a mailbox increase, whether this be for a Staff member's mailbox or a Shared Mailbox an email needs to be sent to the IT Help Desk containing:

  • written approval from your manager
    NOTE: CC'ing them in the email does not constitute as approval. You should either seek their written approval first and then forward to the IT Help Desk as an attachment or ask them to email the IT Help Desk directly
  • justification that adequate mailbox management has been undertaken

NOTE: It is to the discretion of second level as to whether or not the request is approved. So the more justification you can offer the better.

How can I add personal contacts to Outlook?

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click the People button down the bottom left
  3. Click Folder tab
  4. Click New Folder
  5. Enter appropriate name for the new folder
  6. Click OK
  7. Select newly created folder on the left
  8. Click the Home tab
  9. Click New Contact to manually enter contact details or follow Microsoft recommended process of importing contacts from Excel.

 Or for step by step instruction (including screenshots) on the adding personal contacts page.

  1. In a new email start typing the address you wish to delete
  2. Outlook will pre-empt options underneath
  3. Hover mouse over desired address and click delete option to the right

Or for step by step instruction (including screenshots) on delete remembered email addresses page.

  1. Highlight the desired email(s)
  2. Click More to the right side of Reply/Reply All/Forward
  3. Click Forward as Attachment
  4. The system will create a new blank email, enter recipient(s)
  5. Enter body of email
  6. Click Send

Or for step by step instruction (including screenshots) on the forwarding email(s) as an attachment page.

Step by step instructions (including screenshots) can be found on the Microsoft help page.

Step by step instructions (including screenshots) can be found on the Microsoft help page.

UniSA's Global Address List (GAL) updates itself at 5:30am ever morning. If you are needing to email an address which was only changed today and are unsure of the new (either recently changed or created) email address to type manually, you can select an ‘All Address Lists’ folder (All Contacts, All Distribution Lists, All Groups, All Rooms and All Users – depending on what category you are after) for a live copy of data available in the Exchange GAL  and then search for desired address. The following day the GAL will update itself and you should not have to do this for the email address again.