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MS Visio licensing for UniSA Staff and PhD Students (by Research)

Conditions apply for the use of University licensed software. These include:

  • A Software Licence Application form must be submitted.
  • UniSA licensed software is not to be used for personal purposes and cannot be used for commercial gain.
  • ISTS must be notified if there are any changes to the details submitted in the original application form (e.g. user leaves the University, computer is disposed of or replaced, etc).
  • Under no circumstances can application software or license activation keys be copied from the University software distribution server and taken off-site.
  • You will read and abide by the licence agreement(s) associated with this Software.

To obtain a license UniSA Staff and PhD Students (by Research) will need to complete a Software License Application form.

Once the IT Help Desk grants you a license you will be able to install it on a University owned computer using the Software Centre.