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Starting an Ad Hoc Zoom Meeting


Zoom is a cloud application providing video conference services using infrastructure hosted outside of the University. Problems with this service, such as dropouts or connection failures, will be a result of failures with this external infrastructure and not the University’s hardware or network.

The below pages are to assist with Zoom meetings/sessions being conducted outside of university courses. 

If you will be using Zoom for a course you are undertaking please refer to either Staff Zoom Assistance or Student Zoom Assistance.

Please refer to login options under Install/Login section.

2. Click New Meeting
New Meeting.png

3. Click Join with Computer Audio
You may also wish to tick Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting so you arent prompted again.
Join with PC Audio.png

4. Click Invite and select desired method

  1. Click Default Email to use Outlook and your UniSA email
    NOTE: You are welcome to use the other listed email options, but they will not be covered in these help pages.
  2. An Outlook email will appear and you simply need to send this to required participants. The email will look similar to:

5. Wait for Participants to join meeting and then proceed with meeting

Please see the Zoom features section OR refer to section below.

  1. Click End Meeting
    end the zoom meeting.png
  2. Click either End Meeting for All or Leave Meeting