Teaching in Computer Pools

The University provides general purpose computer pools for access by all students.  These pools are also available for teaching.  They can be booked through the unit timetabling process or through FM Assist for ad hoc bookings.

Purpose of Computer Pools

The purpose of these facilities is to:

  • support student learning via formal booked class sessions using a range of software including common "core" applications (e.g. Office, web browser, email) as well as specialised course-related software
  • enable students to work on computer-based assignments and other course work outside booked classes
  • provide on-campus facilities for students to access on-line course materials and to access internet resources for study purposes
  • provide a platform to support the key communication and on-line business activities of the University via access to email and web-based facilities (including on-line enrolment)
  • provide printing facilities to support these activities
  • provide a reasonable level of access to high quality IT facilities across all campuses of the University and available to students and staff from all Academic and Professional Units
  • support other University activities such as conferences, educational, prospective student and other community activities consistent with the University's mission (subject to licensing and legal requirements governing the University's use of software and network resources)


Location of Computer Pools

Location of computers pools can be found within the report on the Computer on Campus page. Campus maps are available on the Visit UniSA page.


Software and Hardware

To look for a particular hardware configuration or a specific software application use the report on the Computer on Campus page.

Visit the Pools Install page for details on how to request additional software to be installed on a pool computer.


Audio Visual Facilities

General nformation about using audio\video facilities can be found on Audio Visual page.


Accessibility for students

Priority Access PCs in pools and computer barns

To support students with disabilities there is one PC in each Computer Pool and Computer Barn labelled "Priority Access".  The PC is available for use by all students, subject to class bookings, however priority should be given to students with disabilities.

Adaptive Technology Suites (ATS)

ATS have computer facilities (both software and hardware) available for use by students with disabilities. ATS rooms are only available to eligible users. For access to ATS please contact Disability Services. Disability Services staff will introduce new users to the facilities and arrange training where required. More information can be found on the Assistive technology for students page.


Bluetooth functionality

Please note that Bluetooth functionality is present in the majority of Computer Pools categorized under the "All in One" type on the Computer on Campus page. If unsure about Bluetooth availability, it's recommended to use a wired headset since all Pools are equipped with USB and 3.5mm audio jacks.

Further Assistance

If you require further information or assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk on (08) 830 25000 or 1300 558 654.