Systems up or down


Supported Devices/Applications

All University purchased computers, tablets, mobile phones and printers are supported by the IT Help Desk and Campus Support IT. Typically University owned computers, tablets and printers are purchased from our approved suppliers and will have a blue plate attached to them.

Support includes but is not limited to hardware (purchasing, installation and disposal), software (licensing and installation), network connectivity, access to network shares, mobile phone configuration, and printers (queue management, installation, and assistance).

Computers will usually have the Standard Operating Environment (SOE) installed. Automatic updates will be applied to the operating system, anti-virus software, and any programs included in the SOE.

To request assistance please contact the IT Help Desk.

Student Support

Staff Support


ISTS can only provide recommendations and guidance to UniSA affiliated POD owners regarding how to best utilise the services offered through UniSA. The day-to-day maintenance, content and upkeep of the device is the responsibility of the owner.