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Staff Support on POD and Application use.

A Personally Owned Device (POD) is another way to access University resources.  This page describes the type of support the University can provide for your POD and applications being used on either POD or blue plated devices.

It should be noted that the IT Help Desk DOES NOT provide technical support for POD's.


If you are using a POD to access the UniSA network you must ensure you have:

  • the latest operating system and software application patches applied (automatic updates recommended)
  • antivirus software installed and configured to update automatically

Failure to adequately protect your device may result in the removal of your ability to remotely access the UniSA network.  PODs used to connect to the UniSA network are subject to University Information Security policies.

  1. Connecting to UniSA Wireless:  
    Access to the UniSA wireless network is available on all UniSA campuses and sites, including regional and interstate sites. See Wireless Support on how to connect.
  2. Connecting to UniSA Virtual Private Network:
    The University network can be accessed off-campus by setting up a Virtual Private network (VPN). See connecting and downloading VPN Client page.
  3. Connecting to UniSA Desktop Off-site:
    To securely connect to a UniSA PC Desktop from off-site please see VPN Connection.
  4. Accessing Email: 
    Staff email is supported by most web browsers (IE11 & Firefox endorsed) and is the recommended access method. For access via an email client see Email Configuration.
  5. Connecting to Printers:
    Once connected to UniSA WiFi, you can install a UniSA staff printer. Please see instructions here.
  6. Configuring an automated system lock:
    Helps prevent unauthorised access to the system and data should the computer be left unattended.
  1. Operating System Issues: 
    Example: patch management, OS errors.
  2. Software Changes:
    Including installation, updates, antivirus software or other problems. UniSA Support staff can provide advice only. You will need to make the changes yourself.
  3. Non UniSA email accounts:
    Setting up or accessing non UniSA email accounts through Outlook or any other mail software/app/browser. These include (but not limited to) bigpond, gmail, hotmail, outlook, yahoo etc.
  4. Software usage/utilisation: 
    For training on how to use software please see LinkedIn Learning or try the software's own help resources.
  5. Hardware:
    Including installation, faults or other problems.
  6. Data Backup or Recovery:
    Outside of UniSA storage options.


ISTS can only provide recommendations and guidance to UniSA affiliated POD owners regarding how to best utilise the services offered through UniSA. The day-to-day maintenance, content and upkeep of the device is the responsibility of the owner.

Further Assistance

If you require further information or assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk on (08) 830 25000 or 1300 558 654.