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Webex Calls

Webex Calling allows you to call anyone and call other people within your organisation on their work number or mobile. Your call history is saved to your Webex application and it provides access to your voicemail.

You can make a call:


  • By clicking the corresponding Audio button
    NOTE: May have the word Audio under the green icon, or may just be the green icon.



  • Click the keypad icon to open the Search or Dial options. Enter the desired number and then click Audio.

When you receive a call, a pop-up will appear on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Click Answer to answer the call or click Decline to decline the call and send the caller to your voicemail.


NOTE: When you answer a call, your video will be on by default. See below FAQ on how to turn this off.

You can change this setting so your video does not activate when answering a call by:

  1. Click your profile image at the top left of your Webex application
  2. Selecting Settings
  3. Select Calling tab
  4. Uncheck Start calls with my video on option
  5. Click Save

Or for step by step instructions (including screenshots) see turn off Start calls with my video on page.

  1. Click the More icon (3 dots)
  2. Click Hold
  3. The caller will then hear hold music
  4. Click Resume to resume the call.

To transfer an active call:

  1. Click More (button with 3 dots)
  2. Click Transfer
  3. Enter the number of the call queue you wish to transfer the caller to
  4. Click Audio button to place the call
  5. Wait for the call to connect to the call queue
  6. Click Complete Transfer to transfer the call


Or for step by step instructions (including screenshots) see the transfer a call page.

  1. Click the More icon (3 dots)
  2. Click Add a person
  3. Enter the number you wish to conference with
  4. Click Audio button
  5. Wait for them to answer and inform them of the call (if you wish)
  6. Click Merge Calls to merge the calls and create a conference call with you and the 2 other callers

Call Pickup allows you to answer another user’s ringing extension.
NOTE: You will only be aware of another user's incoming calls if you can hear the sound from their PC. Webex does not indicate incoming calls to a Pickup group any other way.

To answer a call ringing on an extension number other than your own:

  1. Click Call pickup (bottom left corner)
  2. Click Pickup
  3. The call will then be redirected to you.
  4. Click Answer

Clicking on the top right X doesn't close the application, but simply minimises it and the process continues to run in the background.

To complete close Webex, so you no longer receive incoming calls:

  1. Click the ^ at the bottom right of you screen, to the right of the time/date
  2. Right mouse click on Webex
  3. Click Exit

Or for step by step instructions (including screenshots) see exiting Webex page.

  1. Click Call Settings
  2. Click Notifications on left navigation
  3. Scroll to the bottom and choose more appropriate Ringtone from dropdown e.g. Class Ringer
  4. Click Save

Or for step by step instructions (including screen shots) see the changing ringtone page.

Dial Feature Notes/Steps
*11 Call Pull  
*31 Block Caller ID  
*32 Unblock Caller ID  
*33 Pick Up Someone Else's Call Enter *33, followed by the extension of the person whose call you want to pick up.
*48 Pause a Recording  
*49 Resume a Recording  
*50 Push-to-Talk You can use push-to-talk for intercom-like functionality to communicate with another user, or group of users. Enter *50, followed by a user's extension. Your phone will go offhook and an intercom- like call is placed.
An administrator must set up push-to-talk before you can
use it.
*55 Transfer a Call to Voicemail You can transfer a call to your voicemail or to another person's voicemail if they're in the same group. For example, to transfer a call to another person's voicemail, press the transfer soft key, then enter *55, followed by the person's extension.
*58 Group Call Park Enter *58, get a dial tone, and then enter the number for the group call park.
If you're using the Webex Calling app on your mobile device, the steps are slightly different: Tap New Call, go to your dialpad, enter *58#, and then press Call.
*66 Redial Last Number  
*68 Call Park Enter *68, followed by the extension at which you want to park the call or # to park the call on your own extension.
*69 Return Last Call  
*72 Call Forwarding Always Activation Enter *72, followed by the phone number you want to forward calls to and then #.
*73 Call Forwarding Always  
*78 Do Not Disturb Activation  
*79 Do Not Disturb Deactivation  
*88 Call Retrieve Enter *88, followed by the extension the call is parked at.
If the call is parked against your own extension, press #.
*97 Directed Call Pickup Enter *97, followed by the extension of the person whose call you want to pick up.
*98 Group Call Pickup  
*99 Clear Voice Message Waiting  

UniSA is transitioning extension in stages - Unit by Unit. This means that some extension are still in the NEC system and others are in Webex.

While both systems are running, if an NEC phone is used to call an extension (5 digits e.g. 25000), which has already been transitioned to Webex, the backend diverts the call externally to the full 8 digits (83025000), which then transfers the call to the extension in Webex. It is the process between the diversion and transfer that causes the system to display that you are calling yourself.

Until all extensions are transferred to Webex the only way around this is for the caller to dial the full 8 digits.