Systems up or down


Resale of Hardware

Staff are able to purchase decommissioned devices from the Auctioneers but they cannot purchase them directly from the University. This includes devices that have been purchased using PD funds which are the property of UniSA until passed onto auction for disposal.

The process for purchasing an end of life device is as follows:

  • Staff member affixes a note to the old device with their name, phone number and email address indicating they want the first option to purchase the device without it going to auction.
  • The computer will be thoroughly wiped (all data, software, and operating system will be removed).
  • ICT Support will ensure that when the device is handed over to the Auctioneers, they are aware that a staff member wishes to purchase that device.
  • The Auctioneer will install an Operating System only.
    NOTE:There will be NO software included such as Office or Anti-virus software.
  • The Auctioneer will contact the staff member with the cost based on market value. If the staff member wishes to go ahead with the purchase they will pay the Auctioneer and arrange pickup.
  • If the staff member chooses not to purchase the device then it will go to auction for sale to the public.
  • All proceeds from auctioned or pre-arranged sales go back to the cost centre or organisational unit which purchased the device.

If you have any queries or questions regarding this process please contact the IT Help Desk.