Available communication and collaboration options at UniSA





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Microsoft Teams

A desktop, mobile, and web platform for video conferencing, instant messaging, chat, team meetings, project collaboration and more. Pre-installed on all UniSA Staff PCs/Laptops. The successor of Skype for Business. It is part of the University’s Office 365 subscription and is free for staff and students of the University.

All staff and students Invite external partners

More information on Teams


A desktop, mobile and web platform for video conferencing, meetings and webinars. The preferred platform for online teaching at UniSA.

All staff and students Invite external partners

More information on Zoom


A desktop and mobile software solution for Telephony used to make and receive internal or external calls to landlines or mobile numbers.

All staff Make and receive local, national or international phone calls

More information on Webex


Which option should I choose:

I want to...

Microsoft Teams



Make audio calls to/from an international number



(Contact ITHD to activate)

Make audio call to/from an external number



Send an instant message or chat



Audio conference call to one or more internal contacts


Audio conference call to internal and/or external numbers



Hold a video conference with internal and external participants

(up to 1000)

(up to 300. 500 with add-on, contact ITHD to arrange)


Hold a collaborative event with sharing and participation

(up to 1000)

(up to 300)


Record a conference, meeting or presentation


(Available in Panopto)


Hold a webinar – one way presentation (with Q&A) for a large number of participants (up to 1000)


(contact ITHD to arrange)