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Australian Access Australian Access Federation

Federation (AAF)

The Australian Access Federation (AAF) provides a framework and support infrastructure to facilitate trusted electronic communications and collaboration within and between universities and research institutions in Australia.  It enables resource owners to identify and authorise a researcher to access online resources (such as computer facilities, data and other research infrastructure) at their home institution, at other Australian institutions, and around the world.

As the University of South Australia is a subscriber to the Australian Access Federation (AAF) your university logon credentials (UniSA username and password) will allow you to access services hosted elsewhere.

As at November 2022 there were 161 services listed in the AAF Service Catalogue. A detailed directory of service providers and their services and resources available via the AAF can be found in the AAF Service Catalogue.

Institutions and other service providers subscribed to the AAF occasionally take systems or services offline for upgrades or maintenance.  Outages are usually between a few minutes to a few hours and usually occur during off-peak times; However, if the service is provided internationally an outage may occur during business hours due to time zone differences.

Service availability can be viewed on the AAF Service Status page.

If you encounter an issue accessing services hosted elsewhere or require further information or clarification please refer to the Australian Access Federation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in the first instance.

If you have referred to the AAF FAQs and you still require assistance please contact the IT Help Desk.

UniSA is one of many institutions subscribing to the Australian Access Federation (AFF) to provide our users with access to services through the AAF.  A list of institutions and service providers currently subscribed to the AAF can be found on the AAF Subscribers webpage.