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UniSA Staff Portal Home Page

Find top links and shortcuts across the sections and menus of the myUniSA Staff portal.

The responsive design will ensure you can access the page regardless of the device you use, or your screen size.

Note that this site is best viewed using the latest versions of any modern browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. Use of Internet Explorer or older versions of these browsers may impact the design or use of features of this website.


  1. The left-hand panel provides three quick features to personalise your screen view or navigate to other systems or information.
    1. Click on the menu icon (located top left, represented by three horizontal lines) to see common links and shortcuts to UniSA systems, intranet pages and information.
    2. Gain more main screen space by collapsing the left-hand panel while viewing your myUniSA Staff portal on a desktop or PC.
    3. Instantly open your UniSA Outlook email online using the ‘envelope’ icon.
  2. Primary navigation pillars, mirroring the UniSA public website header menu, link to the relevant web pages.
  3. Live Staff Announcements appear on the day they are published, with newest and highest priority items on top. Each announcement can be expanded to read more on screen, or minimised as required.
  4. Popular actions and links are instantly available by clicking the left-hand icons.
  5. Search for a staff member’s details and navigate to their Staff homepage using the “Find a Staff Member’ search bar.
  6. My Links can be customised to display your favourite bookmarks across the web. This is particularly useful if you are using myUniSA as your browser’s homepage as it allows quick access to frequently visited websites. Find more instructions on the creating a Staff Portal my Links AskIT page.
  7. My Shortcuts can be personalised to list links to your frequently accessed UniSA systems.
  8. Key support and resources for staff can be accessed, including links to internal services and important information.
  9. Keep up to date with regular news, events and UniSA publications through “What’s happening at UniSA” updates.
  10. Academic and professional unit tiles link to intranet and web environments for more detailed information about UniSA units.
  1. Log into Staff Portal
  2. Click the settings cog on the right-hand side or Add/Edit My Links at the bottom of My Links
  3. Enter desired URL
  4. Enter Description
  5. Click ADD LINK

For step-by-step instructions (including screen shots) see creating a Staff Portal my Links page.