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UniSA Purchases

UniSA ISTS have agreed on the following service levels to be provided by the approved suppliers to maintain uniformity and better management of IT assets.

Suppliers must provide the following services with all system purchases:

  • 3 year on-site "next business day" warranty.
    NOTE: UniSA operates on a 5-year lifecycle for all desktop, all-in-one, notebook/laptop, and tablet computer systems.
  • Network Card Registration for connection to the UniSA wired network.
  • Affix UniSA Asset label (Blue Plate).
  • Affix UniSA Warranty Expiry label.
  • Electrical Testing and Tagging of all equipment.
  • Delivery to specified University address.

No. You must purchase any new PC, notebook/tablet or server from a UniSA Designated Hardware Supplier.

On rare occasions exceptions are made but the purchase must be approved by the Chief Information Officer or authorised delegate (see Computer System Purchase Exemption Procedures).

Multi-function devices (MFD) are the preferred method of printing in the University.

If you need to purchase an MFD or a printer please refer to Finance's Services we provide.

Ink and toner for MFDs are included free of charge within their service contract and can be obtained by contacting the preferred suppliers and quoting your serial number:

  • Fuji Xerox - Ph: 1800 112 626
  • Kyocera - Ph (08) 7421 2000

All pre-Tender printers, inks and toner requirements must be purchased from Corporate Express:

Either of the following preferred suppliers:

  • Staples Australia - Ph: (08) 8243 8613 or
  • Datacom - Ph: (08) 7221 7900
  • Next Byte - Ph: 1300 769 480

NOTE: Purchasing computer systems from an alternative source without prior permission will result in the computer systems not being able to participate on the University network.

If there are any circumstances that the Designated Hardware Suppliers cannot provide the required computer system or systems, prior permission to purchase from an alternative source must be obtained from the Chief Information Officer.

NOTE: Staff wishing to purchase outside the Designated Hardware Supplier arrangements should consult with the IT Help Desk before making an exemption request.

Please complete the online Supplier Exemption Form to submit your request for Hardware supplier exemption.

Once you have received approval for Supplier Exemption you will need to complete the online Blue Plate Form in order to be able to use the device on campus.


NOTE: No further requests for completely unblocked IP addresses will be processed.  Any such requests will be redirected to this web page.

Where requests are made for access profiles that are common within the University (eg. WebServers, Scifinder client, etc) and there are already rules setup to handle that access, then turnaround of requests should be 5 business days from the receipt of the form.

Requests that entail the creation of new rules may take longer.  There will be a need for testing and adjustment of the rules which we will co-ordinate with the requestor.  This process could delay the required access.

NOTE: You need to ensure that where possible you allow time for these processes to take place in your schedule for providing the service that requires direct Internet access.

Internet Access Change Request Form