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Panopto AV Rooms

Panopto can be used to record in a number of different ways, allowing it to be used anywhere. The information below will describe the different ways Panopto can be used and recommendations to allow quality content to be captured.

Rooms with Panopto integrated into the AV system will provide the easiest and most comprehensive recording experience. Use the room as you normally would (with a microphone) and your presentation and audio will be captured. These rooms can be scheduled for recording.

Panopto Recorder can be used on any UniSA or personal laptop. This allows you to record sessions anywhere, in an AV room, at your desk, or offline.

You can connect your laptop to the AV system of a room and record what is projected.

Note: Using Panopto in this way will use the microphone built into your laptop (or connected to your laptop), audio from microphone systems will not be recorded.

Panopto can be used from the AVPC in any AV room. This will allow you to manage the recording yourself using any equipment connected to the AVPC.

Note: Not all rooms with microphones send audio to the AVPC. If a room has lRS integrated it is recommended to use that instead. This will ensure all audio is captured correctly.