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Microsoft and UniSA Student Email

No. UniSA has entered into a confidential agreement with Microsoft for the provision of the student email service. 

The student email service is effectively a UniSA IT facility and as such its use is subject to UniSA's Acceptable use of Information Technology (IT) facilities and the Guidelines for students on the use of IT Facilities, including email and the internet.

To set up your UniSA student email account the University supplies the following information to Microsoft:

  • Your first name
  • Your middle name (if applicable)
  • Your surname (family name)
  • Your UniSA network username

No other personal information is disclosed.

UniSA is satisfied that Microsoft provide adequate security in respect to unauthorised access to user account credentials and mailbox content. 

Whilst the Microsoft provided service is a secure, robust and reliable service, your email account is primarily a communication tool and as such should not be used to store content (including assessment items) related to your study at UniSA. 

You are therefore encouraged to maintain a regular backup regime to alternative and more appropriate locations.

The contents of a mailbox are maintained at a student's discretion.

No matter which method you use to access your student email, the first time you access it you will be asked which Language you would like it in and your Time zone. You will only be prompted for this information once.

  1. Select Language:
    For English (Australia) scroll up
  2. Select Time zone:
    For (UTC+09:30) Adelaide scroll down, it is very close to the bottom of the list.
  3. Click Save

Or for step by step instructions (including screenshots) see prompted for Language & Time zone page.

Step by step instructions (including screenshots) can be found on the Microsoft help page.

The contents of your email are subject to the privacy conditions specified in the following documents:

Microsoft provide anti-spam, anti-virus, and anti-phishing services that are crucial to ensuring the operation of the service.  Beyond these services and in normal circumstances neither Microsoft nor UniSA will examine the contents of email; however, both the University and Microsoft retain the right to inspect, copy, store, and disclose the contents of email when appropriate to prevent or correct improper use, satisfy a legal obligation, or to ensure proper operation of IT facilities.

When logging into your student email, either via myUniSA or directly via, you may be prompted for security information. This is a one-off request by Microsoft for security information for your account, and is a legitimate request for details.

Once you have entered the security info in the web page you can proceed to your student email account as normal.

Most browsers (if not all) are supported for accessing the Outlook Web App (OWA); however, any browser, other than Internet Explorer, will only give you the Web App Light version.

For up to date information please refer to: Supported Browsers for Outlook Web App.

When you log in to student email using an internet browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome your session will not expire for 24 hours.

It is important to note that if you leave your session unattended this could allow other users to access your email. To prevent this from happening, you should always either:

  1. Sign out of your session when you walk away from the computer; OR
  2. Lock your computer

You have 3 options:

  1. Log out of your current session and log in as the alternate user; OR
  2. In Internet Explorer go to the File menu and select New Session. This will open a new Internet Explorer session which will allow you to log in with different credentials; OR
  3. Use one browser to access your UniSA student email e.g. IE11 and a different browser to access your personal e.g. Firefox.