Systems up or down


Commencing Employment at UniSA

NOTE: Extended period of leave is 31 or more days.

    • HR sends email with a link for new contract to appropriate recipient.
    • Recipient of contract goes through online process to accept contract through received email.
    • System sends acceptance of new contract to HR.
    • HR follow their internal processes
      NOTE: Length of time will differ between employment types e.g. some require Police Checks etc, but standard employment is normally minimum of 3 - 4 days.
    • 24 hours after HR have completed their internal process the new UniSA staff members details are sent through to the appropriate IT Systems for creation of account etc.
    • 24 hours later, providing there are no unforeseen issues e.g. conflict of user names or email addresses etc, new employees will be able to call the IT Help Desk on (08) 8302 5000 to obtain their user name and password.
      NOTE: For security reasons, the IT Help Desk will only give user names and passwords over the phone to the account holder. They will not send them via email, or any other methods of written communication and they will not give them to friends or family members.
    • Once you have your staff account, you need to reset your password to ensure your account is secure.

UniSA Staff, no matter their employment type, with the University or SAIBT and CELUSA, will receive the following (by default):

Depending on your role at UniSA you might need to obtain access to:

A current staff member, in your area, will take you through the induction process, but other helpful information can be found at:

  • Induction to UniSA for important information you need to know and compulsory training you must complete.
  • Cyber Security is Everyone's Business and you need to be aware of your responsibility as an individual and the university as a whole.
  • Campus Maps for building locations on each campus.
    NOTE: Campus maps are also available through Google Maps by searching for UniSA <desired campus> Campus.
  • Floor Plans broken down to buildings and levels on each campus.
  • Parking on Campuses for short and long term options.
  • Safety on UniSA Campuses for Security Offices, Contact Numbers and SafeZone app. 
  • Staff Directory for staff photos and contact details.
  • AskIT for Staff for helpful information regarding the different areas of IT at UniSA.

The following are suggestions/common requirements for UniSA Staff members. Some of these are handled within the Academic Units/Department. The ones handled by IT are spread across different IT areas and therefore require separate requests, unfortunately all in one email is no longer appropriate: