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Opening a Shared Mailbox in Outlook so sent items will go to that mailboxes sent items

  1. Close Outlook
  2. Search for Control Panel
  3. Click Control Panel
    select control panel
    • You may need to change Control Panel layout to Small icons:
      control panel small icons
  4. Click Mail
    NOTE: Mail may or may not have some text after its name, depending on what Office version you are running. It will not affect the steps - you still need to click it. 
    control panel mail
  5. Click E-mail Accounts... and then click New on Account Settings window.
    email accounts
  6. Leave Office 365 selected and enter the Shared Mailboxes email address
  7. Click Next
    choose account type
  8. Tick Don't ask me about this website again on the Microsoft Outlook pop-up regarding Allowing
  9. Click Allow
    auto discover
  10. Outlook will go through Configuration checks. On successful completion click Finish
    congratulations finish
  11. Close all windows and open Outlook

NOTE: If the Shared Mailbox is large in size you may need to give it a few minutes after opening Outlook before trying to access it. The reason being that the initial loading from the server may take a few minutes.

Further Assistance

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