Systems up or down


Installation & initial access of Webex services

ISTS will be pushing Webex out to Blue Plated PCs via the Software Center and will automatically install. Your device will advise once installed and will prompt you to restart after the installation is complete.

Otherwise, users can install prior to this by using the Software Center guide.

ISTS will be pushing Webex out to Blue Plated Macs via MDM solution on managed Macs.

If Webex is not installed automatically you can install it from the Managed Software Centre.

To install via the Management Software Centre

  1. Go to Applications
  2. Open Managed Software Centre
  3. Select Webex Calling from the list of applications available
  4. Choose install
  5. If an older version is already installed you will see the update option. Choose update.
  6. If no software is displayed choose Updates from the left hand menu to refresh the list.

If you do not have the “Managed Software Center” installed on your Mac please log a call with IT helpdesk to request it be installed.

For non-Blue Plated macs you can download and install directly from Webex


The software can be downloaded and installed directly onto your device through the Webex site.

NOTE: When making a 'Webex Call' from Microsoft Teams it will launch Cisco Webex.

  1. Click Webex option from left hand navigation
  2. Click Give permission when prompted by MS Teams
  3. Click Accept when promoted for Permission request
  4. If prompted regarding Your company has claimed your email domain:
    NOTE: Not all users will receive this prompt.
    • A) Select Delete your original account
    • B) Click Next

Or for step by step instructions (including screenshots) see launching through MS Teams for the first time page.

NOTE: The software deployed via SCCM will be configured to launch Webex at login.

  1. Locate Webex in Start Menu or on Desktop
  2. Click/Double click to launch Webex
  3. Enter your UniSA email address
  4. Click Next
  5. Enter your UniSA Cridentials in the UniSA Federation page
  6. Click Sign in

Or for step by step instructions (including screen-shots) see launching Webex for the first time page.

If you are accessing your voicemail for the first time, or have forgotten or misplaced your voicemail PIN, you can easily set or reset it via

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your University email account and click sign in
  3. At the Federated logon page enter your username and password
  4. Click on Reset Voicemail PIN
  5. Enter your new Voicemail PIN. Use this PIN to access your voicemail box.

Once you have successfully accessed your voicemail box, you may change your PIN anytime by following the voicemail menu options or via

Webex can be installed on a mobile device by using one of the below options.

To use Webex on your mobile, scan the code with your phone camera or code scanner and download the app:

Make sure you enable/allow notifications during install, otherwise you will not be able to receive calls.
If you encounter this issue, you should delete the app and redownload, ensuring notifications are enabled during install/setup.

  1. Open Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android)
  2. Search for Cisco Webex
    There are a couple of apps of similar names. You need to ensure you search for the full name Cisco Webex and only select this option.
  3. Select Get/Install the app
  4. Once installed click Open
  5. Sign in using your UniSA email address and password



Note: On mobile devices, you may get a prompt at the first launch about emergency calling. You can acknowledge the prompt as user primary location is recorded in the telephony system. If you change your primary campus location please advise the IT Helpdesk

If a new physical telephone (with extension) or just an extension number is required please see the Telephone Work Request page.
NOTE: Telephone Work Requests (TWR) can be more complicated than they first seem as contractors or Network Services may need to install extra network hardware to complete your request. Please allow ample time for the completion of TWRs.