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Student Quota Allowance/Costs for Follow-You printer on Campus

Login Failed?

If a Follow-You printer shows "Login Failed" when you tap your ID card the IT Help Desk recommends:

  1. Manually logging into the printer with your UniSA username and password through the keypad.
  2. Check the file has successfully been sent to the Follow-You print queue.
  3. Check you have sufficient print quota and top-up accordingly
  4. If you are still unable to collect your printing, please call the IT Help Desk on (08) 8302 5000 when you are on campus and in front of a computer.
  • Students
    NOTE: Must be currently active in an undergraduate or postgraduate program by coursework through:
    • UniSA
    • UniSA Online (UO)
    • UniSA College
    • Open Universities Australia (OUA)
    • SAIBT
    • CELUSA
    • Le Cordon Bleu
  • Staff
    NOTE: PhD and Master of Research students operate under the same conditions for printing as staff.
  • Temporary Network Access accounts
    NOTE: Only when requested and indicated on the form.

Log into the equitrac User Dashboard and available balance is listed at the top.

Students can also check their quota by logging into the Student Portal and going to my Resources tab.

If you are photocopying or scanning, you should log out as soon as you finish.

If you are collecting printouts, you can log out as soon as the first document starts printing (no need to wait till they finish).

If you forget to log out, you will automatically be logged out after approximately 1 minute or when the next user logs on. However, it is better to log yourself off every time to reduce the chance of the next user photocopying from your printing allowance.

If your printing balance is reduced to zero, you will not be able to use MFDs in pools/barns or the library for any function (printing/scanning/photocopying) until you top-up your printing allowance.

You will need to top-up by logging into the Student Portal and going to my Resources tab.

It is related to the number of course units you are enrolled in each year.

The printing allowance is the same for all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students regardless of the course load, unit or mode of teaching (internal or external).

You will receive a University funded initial base allowance of $12 plus an additional $11 for each 4.5 course units you enrol in for the year.
NOTE: The base allowance will be credited to your printing allowance balance the day after you enrol or the first time you print (whichever comes first). 

For further explanation and example breakdowns please see the quota allowance page.

Type Paper Size Single or Double Sided (Duplex) Printing Amount per Printed Side
Monochrome (Black/White) A4 Single Sided $0.10
Monochrome (Black/White) A4 Double (Duplex) Sided $0.09
Monochrome (Black/White) A3 Single Sided $0.20
Monochrome (Black/White) A3 Double (Duplex) Sided $0.18
Colour A4 Single Sided $0.39
Colour A4 Double (Duplex) Sided $0.36
Colour A3 Single Sided $0.78
Colour A3 Double (Duplex) Sided $0.72

You will not be charged for the printouts sent to the Follow-You printers if you do not log on to the printer and collect them.

Documents will be held in the queue for a maximum of 8 hours and then deleted if not collected.

You can ask a staff member in your Academic Unit or Program about the possibility of funding extra printing allowance for you or your classmates.

Academic Units or Programs are able to fund printing allowance top-ups for individual students, students in specific courses and students in specific programs.

A Cost Centre manager from the Academic Unit needs to fill out the Academic Unit Funded Student Printing Allowance form.