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Lecture Recording System

UniSA has a number of AV spaces which have the Panopto Lecture Recording System Integrated into the AV System. The Lecture Recording System allows Lectures to be automatically scheduled, recorded, and shared with students.

Any scheduled Lecture class in an LRS Room will automatically record and publish content under the 'Lecture Recordings' section of the associated Course Site.

NOTE: The class must be timetabled as a 'Lecture' type. Other class types (i.e. Seminar, Workshop, Tutorial), will not be recorded automatically and must be requested for scheduling with at least 3 days' notice through the IT Help Desk.

The LRS System in any LRS Room is configured to record the following:

  • Projected image (in the case of rooms with multiple displays, the main/labelled display will record)
  • Audio from the active source (i.e. AVPC or Laptop via HDMI)
  • Lectern microphone
  • Wireless microphones

In rooms fitted with a dedicated LRS camera, a second video feed will also capture room. This camera can be controlled from the AV panel with a preview on the lectern monitor. Rooms with dedicated LRS cameras fitted are:

  • CEA/H2-02
  • CWE/H2-16
  • CWE/GK5-15

The AV touch panel in the room will indicate if LRS is currently recording and show you other information about the session:

  • Status (i.e. recording, paused, stopped)
  • Time remaining
  • Session name

There are also red indicator lights in LRS rooms to allow the audience to see the recording status:

  • On (recording)
  • Flashing (recording paused)
  • Off (not-recording)

In LRS rooms you can start a 30 minute ad hoc recording from the AV Touch Panel in the room.

To do this:

  1. Open 'LRS Controls'
  2. Select 'Start AdHoc Now'

NOTE: You will only be able to start an ad hoc recording if there are no upcoming conflicts with scheduled recordings.

You can extend the session in 5 minute increments by pressing the 'Extend' button. Once you have extended twice, you will only be allowed to extend in the last 10 minutes if there are no upcoming scheduled sessions.

Once your recording is complete, contact the IT Help Desk to have your recording moved, you will need to provide:

  • Campus and room
  • Date and time
  • The course or other Panopto folder you would like the session moved into

AV Fault and Issue Resolution

Information Strategy and Technology Services (ISTS) supports the Audio Visual (AV) equipment in the general teaching spaces on all city and metropolitan campuses, through their dedicated AV Support Line x88555 (internal) or 08 8302 6551 (external/mobile).
NOTE: On-site support is only available during business hours, if not booked prior for an event.

If you are experiencing an issue in a bookable teaching space please contact the IT Help Desk on their dedicated AV Support Line x88555 (internal) or 08 8302 6551 (external/mobile).

The IT Help Desk will endeavour to resolve your AV issue over the phone, but if the need arises for face to face support they will escalate to the appropriate second level team.