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Requesting a New Network (Data) Connection Point

This depends on the type of network work required (eg. activation of an existing network point, installation of a new network point, etc).  For further information on pricing or requesting installation or activation of a network (data) connection point please refer to the below:

The physical Installation of a Double Data Point:

  • costs $450
  • activation not included, charge is for install only
  • single data points are not available

NOTE: Cost may vary depending on the complexity of the location. Please contact IT Help Desk for more details.

It is the requestors responsibility to ensure contractor safety when contractors complete data point installations.

The IT Help Desk will confirm with the requestor if there are any known OHS issues in the required install location.

It is the responsibility of the requestor to organise an induction into the specified area by the people who regularly operate the facility. (eg labs, science rooms, or restricted access rooms).

Standard Requests:

  • Activate Single Network Point for Computer Only use (Data) - $185
  • Activate Single Network Point for Telephone Only use (NEC VoIP) - $185
  • Activate Single Network Point for Computer and Telephone use (NEC VoIP) - $185
    This is the most common request.

More Specialised:

  • Activate Single Network Point for Wireless SIP VoIP - $185
  • Activate Single Network Point for Analogue Phone - $500 + NEC Technician Charges
  • Activate Single Network Point for Analogue Phone with UPS - contact the IT Help Desk Desk for more information
    NOTE: UPS will allow the phone to work in the case of a power failure.

NEC technician charges are dependant on the lead time of the job you have requested and range from $120 to $250 per extension connected (only needed for analogue lines or other specialist phone services).