Systems up or down


General use of UniSA Pool and Barn computers

Data saved locally on Pool or barn computers will be removed when the computer restarts unless you are the very next person to logon. This includes files saved to the Desktop or in My Computer.

You should save your files to your OneDrive storage associated with your student account or a USB stick.

To logon to your OneDrive:

  1. Double-click OneDrive - via Browser on desktop.
  2. Sign into your OneDrive account using your UniSA email account.
  3. At the Federated logon screen sign in using your UniSA credentials.
  4. Your OneDrive storage will open in the browser window.
  5. You can now open and edit existing documents or create a new document which will be stored in your OneDrive.
  6. You can also open the file explorer window and drag and drop documents to your OneDrive storage in the browser window.

For further information see the OneDrive page.

  1. Hold Windows key
  2. Hit L key

Your session will be secured for up to 20 minutes and you will be required to enter your password to unlock the computer.

NOTE: After 20 minutes the PC will restart itself if you have not logged back in.

For further information on how to lock your PC and review the security settings see Lock Windows computer session.

Scenario 1: Software you were using froze, but you can still interact with the device and other applications, except one:

  • Majority of software have auto-recover these days and if the software process is forcefully ended and restarted straight away there is a high chance some, if not all of your work, will be recovered.
  • Call the IT Help Desk (830 25000) while in front of the computer and they will remote in and assist with ending the process in Task Manager if you are not sure how.

Scenario 2: Entire device has frozen and you cannot even move the cursor or click on anything:

  • Call the IT Help Desk (830 25000) while in front of the computer and they will attempt to remote in, but if the entire computer has frozen the IT Help Desk will more than likely be unable to remote into the device to offer assistance.
  • Your ONLY option will be to force a hard restart by holding in the power button until the computer turns off, wait a couple of minutes and the turn it back on.
    NOTE: Your work will be lost if saved on the Desktop or C: Drive, but unfortunately there is no way to overcome this.
  • If you call the IT Help Desk they will walk you through the steps to take.
  • USB memory sticks, also called pen drives or flash drives, are popular for the temporary storage and transfer of large amounts of electronic data. They should not be used as main data storage or to make permanent backups.
  • Many USB storage devices are presently supported for use in the student computer pools throughout all the campuses.
  • All PCs in the pools and barns are equipped with USB front-facing ports. Each PC has the Windows generic “USB mass storage driver” installed meaning that most devices will work, since few require specialised drivers.
  • If drivers are needed to be installed to utilise USB storage devices, students will not be able to do this nor can the IT Help Desk.
    • If you need to access information on the USB you will need to borrow one of the loan laptops to retrieve the data and save to OneDrive to be accessed on UniSA computers.
  • Due to the numerous amounts of different USB devices available it is not possible to support them all, so the best advice is purchase a USB which can be used straight out of the box - no drivers required.

Before utilising a General Purpose Pool, we suggest physically going to the room(s) to ensure it meets your specific needs. Otherwise, you could run a Hardware Search. General Purpose Pools, will have 1 of the 3 below options available to you:

Option 1: Pools with Fixed Projectors
Some general purpose pools on each campus are equipped with a ceiling-mounted data projector which can be used in conjunction with the DVD player, one of the pool PCs or laptop (through VGA or HDMI video output socket).
NOTE: You will need to bring your own VGA or HDMI cable.

Option 2: Pools with 100" Touch Screen TV

Some general purpose pools on each campus are equipped with a 100" Touch Screen TV which can be used in conjunction with one of the pool PCs or a notebook PC.

Option 3: Pools with Projector Stands

Most of the remaining general purpose pools which do not have a fixed projector do have facilities to assist staff who can bring a portable data projector for their class or training session. 
NOTE: You will need to bring a data projector with you. If you do not have access to a projector through your Academic Unit, you can book a loan projector (with notebook PC).

These facilities are:

  • A projector stand (usually on the centre bench).
  • A power outlet and bench-mounted VGA or HDMI video output socket for connecting a data projector to one of the pool PCs (the one closest to the front of the room).
    NOTE: You will need to bring your own VGA or HDMI cable.
  • In most cases the number of PCs has been increased to 21 to allow the tutor or presenter to use the data projector and PC in a full class of 20 students.
  • A pull-down projector screen (standard equipment in nearly all general purpose pools).

UniSA do not have any general use Macintosh computer pools or barns.

Individual Academic Units within the University may have Macs for use by their students.  To find out if your Academic Units has them please contact your Course Coordinator or see Special Purpose Pools.