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Connecting to eduroam Wireless with UniSA credentials

The below instructions can be used any where in the world where eduroam is available.

  1. Enable wireless on your device (if required)
  2. Open Wireless Manager
  3. Select eduroam
    Depending on your current location will depend on the name of the network. By default they should have 'eduroam' in the name, sometimes followed by institution name, but UniSA only uses 'eduroam'.
  4. Select Connect
  5. Enter your UniSA credentials:
    • Username: <your UniSA user name>
      This is not your email address, it is your username and UniSA's domain.
    • Password: <your UniSA password>

NOTE: If a 'Certificate Not Verified' message is displayed, ensure that the certificate shows either the name "" and the Root CA is "AddTrust External CA Root" or the thumbprint "61 ea eb dd 3f 42 b1 24 82 a1 1f c9 ed 1c b7 fc 09 c7 82 f1".
If so, select Connect - otherwise Cancel

You will now be able to surf the internet.


Use of the eduroam wireless network is governed by the Australian eduroam policy and UniSA's Acceptable use of Information Technology (IT) facilities policy.


The use of all Information Technology (IT) facilities at the University of South Australia, including the UniSA wired and wireless networks, is subject to the University's Acceptable use of Information Technology (IT) facilities policy

Further Assistance

If you require further information or assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk on (08) 830 25000 or 1300 558 654.