How do I create a team?

If you decide to create a Team consider the following:

  • Check with your collegues if there is an existing team that meets your needs
  • Choose Team Owners (minimum of two required at all times to ensure somebody is always available to manage the team)
  • Decide on a Team name – this should NOT be altered once the Team is created. Naming convention will be <ORG>_<Team name> and not more than 50 characters long
  • Develop on a Team structure, eg Channels/Sections based on the projects or functions of your Team
  • Microsoft Teams is a collaborative tool and documents should only be stored in Teams during this stage. Files should be stored in an appropriate location such as a Server share or Sharepoint once they are finalised
  1. Click on Join or create team
  2. Choose Create team
  3. You will be offered a choice of common templates. Choose the one that best suits your needs. Select Other for a more customisable template.
  4. Name your team and set the Privacy options
    Private - only team owners can add member - this should be used in most cases.
    Public - anyone in UniSA can search for and join the team. Its open to all.
    Note: Some team templates (previous step) may not offer a choice of privacy settings.
    Click Next to create the team.