How do I share a previously uploaded file/folder in OneDrive?

  1. Click to the left of desired file/folder
    NOTE: This step allows a visual for you to ensure you share the correct item.
  2. Click either Share menu option:
    Screenshot of Share menu options
    • 2A) Share (appears when mouse hovers over file/folder, to the right of the files name)
    • 2B) Share (on Tool bar at top of browser when Step 1 is followed)
    • 2C) Click Action (3 dots) menu and then Share (to the right of the files name)
  3. Send Link box will appear, where by default, anyone you share with can edit the file. If you only want people to have read only/view access click People you specify can edit else jump to Step 6
    Screenshot of Send Link options
  4. Untick Allow editing
  5. Click Apply
    Screenshot of Allow editing
  6. Enter email address of desired person and hit Enter or click Search Result
    enter email address(es) of person sharing with
    NOTE: If you enter a UniSA Staff or Student email address they will be able to access straight away. If you enter an external email address the Send Link screen will advise of this and they will have to Verify Access to view the file.
    Screenshot indicating email address is outside of UniSA
  7. Enter additional email address(es) or personal message if desired
  8. Click Send
    Screenshot of where to add additional email addresses or message
  9. OneDrive will indicate the Link has been sent
    Screenshot indicating link has been sent

For other Upload/Share options see OneDrive for Staff or OneDrive for Students.

Further Assistance

If you require further information or assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk on (08) 830 25000 or 1300 558 654.