Large Meeting Room (AV15)

This is an AV15 Audio Visual system. Suitable for large campus meeting spaces, crisis rooms and other similar spaces. The Large Meeting Room system features a large LCD display, video conferencing Camera & ceiling Microphones, speakers, installed AVPC, and BYOD HDMI connectivity.



This design is suitable for the following use:

  • Viewing capacity for up to 32 users.
  • Collaborative discussion and teamwork through AV flexibility.
  • Support for Zoom, MS Teams & other video conferencing platforms.
  • Installed AVPC for use by UniSA staff.
  • BYOD connectivity via a HDMI connection.

This design includes the following AV equipment:

  • 100" HD Projector with Screen & Ceiling mount.
  • Installed AVPC.
  • BYOD (Bring-your-own-device) HDMI connectivity.
  • USB Video conferencing Camera & ceiling microphones.
  • Installed AVPC.
  • BYOD HDMI connection point.
  • Advanced video & Audio processing.
  • Installed speakers (to suit room).
  • IR hearing augmentation.

Optional changes to this design include:

Multiple Displays

  • Addition of multiple large format displays and/or projectors for additional visual acuity in the space.

Crisis Room System

  • Equips the room to be utilised by campus leadership in case of a crisis or emergency event.
  • Addition of local printers and landline phones in room.
  • Addition of MATV in-feed with TV recorder and set top box hooked into the AV system.

City West - HB9-24


Mawson Lakes - GP2-39


If you are interested in arranging the installation of this design, please raise a request with the ISTS Teaching Technologies team via the IT Help Desk.

They will consult further on suitability of your room and the best design to meet your requirements, as well as manage the design, procurement, installation, and commissioning of the system.

The technical documentation for the AV15 standard can be accessed here.

For full AV documentation please refer to the UniSA Technical Standards.