How do I use Remote Desktop Connection from a non-UniSA device?


  1. Connect to the VPN - BIG-IP Edge Client (staff) or Cisco AnyConnect (student)
  2. Open Remote Desktop Connection app
  3. Select the Advanced tab and from the 'Connect from anywhere' section click Settings 
  4. Edit the following connection settings:
    • Check radio button 'Use these RD Gateway Server settings'
    • Enter the server name ''
    • From Logon method select 'Ask for password'
    • Tick to select 'Bypass RD Gateway Server for local addresses'
    • Tick to select 'Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote settings'
    • Click OK
  5. Click the General tab and enter the remote computer name and your UniSA username and password and hit Connect
  6. The connection will be made
  7. Once finished disconnect from remote session and close the remote desktop connection client app (if this is not done you will have difficulty initiating a new connection).