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Register Guests by Manually Entering Information

NOTE: Before you can register your guest(s) you need to have requested sponsor access and received confirmation of this access being granted from the IT Help Desk before the system will allow you to log in. If you haven't requested access you will need to arrange for guest wireless access.

  1. Go to the Guest Wireless - Sponsor Portal
  2. Enter your UniSA Username
  3. Enter your UniSA Password
  4. Click Agree to once you have read and accepted the terms
  5. Click Sign On
    sponsor portal login
  6. Under Guest Information enter following details for each guest:
    guest information
    • A) First name:
    • B) Last name:
    • C) Email address:
      NOTE: This is the email address that the guest account will be sent to if a notification email is sent.
    • D) Company:
      NOTE: Enter the name of the organisation/institution the guest is visiting from (populating this field is optional).
    • E) Reason for visit:
      NOTE: Enter the name of the event that the guests will be attending at UniSA (eg. conference name, lecture name, etc).
    • F) Group tag (A tag for you to identify the guest accounts):
      This allows for easy identification of all guests attending the same event. If it is an annual conference ensure you add a unique identifier to the name eg year or month.
  7. Under Access Information enter following details for each guest:
    access information
    • A) Duration:
      Maximum 180 days
    • B) From Date:
    • C) From Time:
    • D) To Date:
    • E) To Time:
    • F) Location:
      Select campus guests will be attending. Regional campuses will come under 'Other'
  8. Click Create
  9. Click Notify
  10. Select your preferred notification method
    • Print; and/or
    • Email
  11. Click OK
    notify options
    NOTE: You can also send yourself a copy, but you will have access to all logins you have created through the Sponsor Portal - Manage Accounts section.
  12. Click Done to Repeat Steps 6 - 11 for additional guests

Further Assistance

If you require further information or assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk on (08) 830 25000 or 1300 558 654.