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These instructions show you how to configure SafePST to create a backup copy of your current email archive (pst file) to a network folder. SafePST is a program that can access and backup the pst file while it is in use - this file is locked by Outlook and cannot otherwise be directly accessed. This programs runs in the background keeping the backup of the pst file updated according to the schedule.

    1. Open SafePST
    2. Click on the Backup destination window
      Specify the location you would like to store the backup of the pst file. This should be on a network drive so it is secure and backed up. This example will demonstrate storing the backup file on U: drive which is a secure location that is backed up. If you need assistance with mapping U: there are instructions at the Data storage options webpage on how to map a network drive.
    3. Navigate to the U: drive
    4. If required create a New folder and name it Outlook Backup. With the desired location selected Click OK.
    5. You will see the UNC path the backup folder displayed in the Destination window. The path to the U: drive will similar to this screenshot.
    6. Click on Options
    7. At the Options window choose your backup schedule. This screenshot shows a recommended schedule but you could choose to backup less or more frequently.
      NOTE: DO NOT click OK until you have completed Step 9 below.
    8. Click on the Files and Folders tab
    9. Select the pst file that you wish to backup. You only need to choose the pst files that you are updating - older ones that you no longer add email to do not need to be backed up by SafePST (you should already have a copy of these files on the network drive). Click OK.
    10. The backup will initiate automatically for the first time when OK is clicked in Step 9 above, but if it doesn’t, then click Start Backup.
    11. You can close the program where it will minimise to the task menu and remain in the background. You should not need to interact with SafePST once setup. The program should run according to the schedule you have set. If it is unable to connect to the network at the time scheduled it will reattempt later. You should find some files created in the backup destination folder. One of them will be a log file if you wish to check to see if the backups are successful.
    12. From the start menu type '4team' and select Disable 4Team Update from the search result. This will disable the update feature.SafePST9.pngNOTE: If prompted to activate or update SafePST do not do so. There is no need to update or activate as this will lead to issues.

Further Assistance

If you require further information or assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk on (08) 830 25000 or 1300 558 654.