How do I create a Sharepoint security group?

Your site may contain libraries or content that you wish to restrict access to or apply unique permissions. To do this you firstly need to create a group to manage this access. It should be named in a useful manner that indicates the purpose of the group. This naming protocol is suggested with SP indicating it as a SharePoint group and the ItemName would be the library or content that the group will be given access to.


Another example might be a role-based group where Role may be ‘OfficeAdmin’ and the group may be used to grant access to a number of libraries or content.


  1. To create a group, go to the Site settings - Site permissions
  2. Click on ‘Create group’
  3. Name the group and set the properties as required – the group owner can be an Active directory group containing more than one person – an email group (that appears in Outlook Global Address book) or a SharePoint group used in this site. It is a good idea to have more than one person responsible for managing the group membership.
  4. Click on Create.